Kelly's story

“I believe it is so important for little ones to establish a family within the church. My deep roots in St. Mark’s, having been here since the age of two, make coming to St. Mark’s easy. It’s our church home. Matt attended other churches in different denominations growing up, but I think St. Mark’s welcomed him in such a way – and has been such a strong support for us – that he feels very much at home here, as well. We want that same strong community and family for our children.

It amazes me how early my children began to take interest in the Bible and its stories. They find reminders of Jesus in some of the most interesting places and are eager to share. Most recently, Ryder came to me with a plastic stone from a play set we have. He said, ‘Mommy, this reminds me of Jesus because it’s like the stone that was in front of his grave, then it rolled away like this and it wasn’t there anymore!’ I can see their little hearts being shaped for love and acceptance more and more all the time. The amazing example of Christ’s love shining through all of the adults who volunteer their time and energy to the kids and invest in their spiritual well-being is such a blessing to me.

I feel connected to God in participating in children’s ministries, especially Vacation Bible School. I always enjoyed VBS as a child and working it as a youth. God is ever present at VBS! I guess I’ve come full circle!”