God gave His son Jesus Christ in the greatest act of generosity ever known. God wants us to share the Gift! When we generously offer our time, talent and treasure to God, others may know Christ and the world may be changed through him.

God’s idea

Jesus speaks of stewards who are in charge of their master’s property. The stewards receive and manage a portion of the master’s property, but they don’t own it. The stewards take care of it, increase its value according to what they were given and return it to the master for his use. (Matthew 25:14-30)

So it is with Christian disciples. God gives us each a unique measure of time, talent and treasure, and wants us to manage and share these gifts for his glory. This is known as stewardship. We may not be perfect stewards, but through our gifts, given generously and cheerfully, God can change the world!

Your commitment

You commit to stewardship when you commit your life to Christ. In The United Methodist Church, you personally acknowledge God’s generosity toward you and commit your time, talent and treasure to God when you join the church. You live out your commitment when you serve in ministry for God and give generously to God.



Giving through the church

When you give through the church, you support ministry that encourages people to know, experience and grow in the love of Christ.

Where do I start?

Why does the church encourage a pledge?

How much should I give?

What if something changes?