Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers: Hope Fair, Murphy Fair, Steve Miller, Ann Scales, Tom Hooper, Dave Roesler, Linda Krehlik, Patty Uselton, Liz Bennett

Stephen Leaders: Rachel Givens, Paul Givens, Robbie Hooper, Pam Roesler

The Stephen Series . . . is named for the martyr Stephen, one of the first laypeople commissioned by the apostles to perform acts of caring ministry (Acts 6). The Stephen Series logo depicts the very essence of that lay-caring ministry. Simple in its elements, the logo is composed of a broken person behind a cross and a whole person superimposed on the cross. This cross in the center reminds us that the path from brokenness to greater wholeness is through Jesus Christ and the caring ministry of his people.

What Is the Stephen Series?

The Stephen Series is a system for training laypeople to do caring ministry. Those training for Stephen Ministry will learn skills and develop their talents for bringing Christ's healing love to people who are grieving, depressed, or experiencing other stresses in life.

Why Lay Ministry?

The Stephen Series is designed to train laypeople for caring ministry. Loving others in Jesus' name is a challenge and an opportunity for all who are God's children. Likewise, the joy of helping others is the privilege of all Christians, for the Holy Spirit has given gifts to each Christian to use in service to others and to build up the church (1 Corinthians 12:7-11). Stephen Ministry will rely on the gifts the Holy Spirit has given to our lay members so that, as more people are equipped to care, Christ's love for us is able to go out from us in ever greater and more effective ways.

Why the Stephen Series?

The Stephen Series trains people in the basic skills necessary for helping others. Through lecture, discussion, and experiential learning, people learn everything from how to be an effective listener to specific techniques for ministering to grieving people. Our congregation will reap many, many blessings through our involvement in this ministry of care.

Who Benefits from the Stephen Series?

The Stephen Series benefits many others besides those who receive the care of their Stephen Ministers. The Stephen Ministers grow greatly as they learn about helping others. They learn about themselves. As the hurting members of our congregation grow stronger through this caring ministry, the whole church is built up and made stronger. And, of course, we all can have the confident knowledge that when the pains of life come our way, someone will always be there, ready to care for us, to bring God's love to us in a special, personal way. For more information about Stephen Ministry, contact the church office.

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